Bryant Helgeland


I started camping with my parents before I can remember. The first time I slept in a tent I was six weeks old, so I guess you could say my passion for the outdoors started early. I attended a YMCA camp from age 8 until 14 when I was selected for their leadership training program. After three summers of training, I spent the next two summers leading backpacking, rock climbing and whitewater canoeing trips for the same YMCA camp. By this time, I was enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying geology and geophysics. While there, and to support my outdoor gear addiction, I began working part-time at a small outdoor specialty retail shop. While there, I was trained as a ski tech, in addition to all the other gear I couldn’t stop geeking out about. After graduating, I attended a semester course in Patagonia, Chile with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and moved to Ashland, Oregon, six months later to work at a specialty outdoor retailer as a buyer and sales associate. During my 14 years there I ultimately wore every hat (Sales Associate, Ski Tech, Shipping/Receiving, Hardgoods Buyer and Store Manager). When my attempted purchase of that business fell through, I started Mountain Provisions. My outdoor passions and pursuits include hiking, backpacking, kayaking, rafting, fly-fishing, mountain biking, road biking, rock climbing and backcountry skiing. My indoor passions and pursuits include: cooking, good beer, great tequila and awesome live music.

Keltain Reese-Sullivan

Sales Associate

I was raised in the woods alongside two brothers in the hills outside Ashland. I've been a biker, snowboarder and general outdoor enthusiast for a long as I can remember. I love adventures and the gear that helps make them possible. I like camping in adverse weather and exploring remote areas of southern Oregon. My street legal off-road motorcycle has opened up endless back roads and has allowed me to go to many new places. I feel that being in nature is necessary for all humans and I want to help people get out and have their own adventures in the beautiful area we live in. Cheers

Nana Langton

Store Manager / Buyer

Nana has an awesome bio but she's a slacker about getting to me to post here because she's too busy getting after it!


Shop Dog

She's cute but don't let that fool you. She's a little monster sometimes! She's also a snuggle bug. Currently 13 weeks old and learning and growing fast. She's helping make sure not much gets done Monday through Friday because she's an awesome distraction and needs a ton of attention. Stop by to say hi.

Lyric Sylvan

Sales Associate

I fell in love with the outdoors when I was very young. My dad gave me the gift of skiing when I was three years old. Ever since then, Winter has been my happy place. I’m also a ski instructor up at Mt. Ashland. I really enjoy passing on the knowledge that I have of skiing to anyone that is willing to learn. Although skiing is my primary focus in life, I have a many passions. Those include: Mountain biking, slacklining, climbing, and guitar. I enjoy escaping town and being alone with the plants and the animals. Whether it’s on my skis, my bike, or on my feet. I’ve been working at Mountain Provisions since the summer of 2017. I enjoy talking with customers about all the cool products that go hand in hand with the activities that I love.


OG Shop Dog

She's a go everywhere, do everything adventure dog! She's been with me 24/7 since she was 10 weeks old. Her favorite activities include backcountry skiing, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, as well as finding and hoarding tennis balls. She once found a tennis ball miles from any trailhead hiking up to a waterfall in the Trinity Alps. She enjoys long naps but is always ready to go on the next adventure. Winter is her favorite season by far and she's gotten more ski days every year than I have! Sadly I lost her to cancer in April 2020. Rest in powder baby girl!